Saturday, October 15, 2005

Swim Course 3/10

Last night was my third night at the swim course, 3rd evening out of 10. We got a new classmate, a young lady from another beginner class. Teacher said she is more advanced than the other’s in her group and would fit better with us (does that mean we are her elite beginners?). Anyway Teacher spent the first half of the 45 minute class having us work on the proper leg movements (kick) for the breast stroke. I must have been doing it right because with me she spent more time yelling (in her charming way) at me because I didn’t hold my hands right. Finally she brought out some fin-looking paddles that she strapped onto my hands that forced me to hold my hands right if I wanted to go forwards. I FINALLY got the hand of it (I hope). The rest of the class we went to the kiddy pool where Teacher had us floating around on a Styrofoam floating device doing some leg exercises. Her main point here was to convince us that the power of the breast stroke lies with the arms, not the legs.

In any case I swam about 250 meters before class, a bunch during and another 350 meters after the class. My arms and shoulders were tired by the time I was done.

Today is the 10K Unicef run at 2:30 p.m. For the first time in a long time I am not terribly motivated to run a race. To run yeah, to race not really. Somehow my idea of a good time today would be a lonely run in the middle of the forest amongst the chipmunks and colorful leaves, no stress, no need for speed. There a lot of little waves in my life in the moment that I need to think through. I guess I’m not in a terribly social mood today. But I’ll go anyway and run the best I can, I believe in following through when I say I’ll do something.

Happy running!

Hey, if you are swimming laps after the class, then you are barely in a beginner's class anyway. I'd say definately elite.

Good luck in the race, Jack! Maybe you just need a relaxing race? :)
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