Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Stutensee Triathlon July 2006??

Last night I had planned on doing my weight training and a 10K+ bike ride but my lungs were so congested from my cold I decided to take the night off. I did go for a 15 minute walk later on to clear the cobwebs. This morning I am feeling much better so I will probably do at least a 10K run this evening.

Last night I presented my "Try a Tri in Stutensee 2006" idea to my wife. Her first reaction (of course) was to give me her “have you lost your mind” look. Then she did something totally unexpected, she went back to reading her magazine and didn’t say anything more about it. Now this is her way of saying “Well if you think you have to!” But I could hear the wheels turning in her mind “First the idiot has to make it through his swim course, ha!”

I accept the challenge! Of course at this point it really is a challenge, I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me in the swimming department. I am also a recreational cyclist, I have no clue about bike racing. So lots of work to do before next July.

I am still looking at several different marathon possibilities for next year. I will probably run just one, especially if I think I am up to trying a Tri. Both of these events are dependant on our vacation schedule for 2006 which is hanging in limbo at the moment. It's just too early to tell. I may just opt for a March marathon and start training soon - but training in the ice and cold - brrrr.

It sounds like you know the wife really well:) Why don't you wrap your tri in with the trip home? You could "tri" with Dianna and Annalisa!
I was just catching up on your posts....for my sprint tri (same distances) i did the breast stroke for most of the swim - more out of necessity than anything else.

And a decent road bike does make a difference I think. I passed a ton of people on mountain bikes. You've been given good advice about where to find a used one.

I ran four days a week, biked twice and swam twice. I'll try to remember to send you a copy of my training schedule.

You can totally do it...especially with swim lessons!!

I'm still laughing at your wife's reaction....
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