Monday, October 24, 2005

A Stress Relieving 14K Run

Today was a painful day at work. I’ve come to the conclusion that my coworker's are all in a conspiracy to see that I don’t get any work done. How else would you explain having a discussion almost in front of my desk for almost an hour trying to ignore the fact that it is keeping me from doing my work. Yeah I hope you’re reading this and know I’m disturbed! I don’t care if it is their office too, we have conference rooms they can use!

I feel better now, thanks.

Anyway I had an easy recovery 14K/8.7M run on the schedule tonight, but figured I would be running out my frustrations so went through my weight training routine first before heading out for the run. I thought this would zap some of my distructive energy and slow me down. Well, it slowed me down alright, I ran a whole 1 SECOND slower than last night - a pace of 5:42/K (9:10/M). I feel better anyway!

Tomorrow I want to go to the swimming pool and practice my breast stroke kicking before my swim teacher loses her cool at the pool on Friday night. My wife keeps telling me "it's all about coordination baby!" I've been considering going out to the garden and watch the frogs swim in my neighbors little pond, maybe I can pick up some pointers ;-)

The comment about watching the frogs had me in stitches.
Maybe you should keep an electric cattle prod at your desk to keep them moving. :-)
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