Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Running the Baden Marathon with Jack

It is always kind of nice to see other parts of the running world, I know I always enjoy looking at the pictures of RBF races. In an effort to try to share my latest marathon experience I decided to combine my race report from the Baden Marathon that I ran in September, with various pictures that either family and friends took or that I 'borrowed' from other sources. As the pictures themselves don't mean a lot to anyone not familiar with the area, I have inserted little tidbits of local history whenever I found something suitable.

Please be warned that you will need some time to flip through the entire 42.2 kilometer journey, so bring a cup of coffee with you.

The link for this page is here.

Jack - a belated and hearty congrats on the mountain race. You are a braver man than I. As I was reading your report I swopre I could hear Julie Andrews in the background....."Climb every mountain..."
Hey, that was great, Jack! That's marvelous way to put a race report together. Once again, congrats on a fabulous race.

Such a beautiful place for a race too. Gotta love the old archetecture. Uh, and the painted women runner's are interesting too. :)

The timber framed houses remind me of a house we were looking at once when we were buying. It looked just like those and we referred to it as the "German Sausage House". Its kinda cool to see the real ones.

Very cool report, Jack.
Thanks for visiting my site :) I'll keep an eye on yours now.
That is the best race report I've ever seen in a blog. It must have taken AGES to put that together. Top marks!
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