Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The RBF Tag Game

So Mia tagged me, here are the rules:

Find your 23rd post.
Find and display the 5th sentence.
Tag five more unsuspecting bloggers.

So my 5th sentence from March 6, 2005:

I think I need to just go and enjoy myself and run how I feel on that day.

To put this sentence in context, I was discussing running in a half-marathon the following weekend. It was cold and snowy with more predicted on race day. So I had just finished saying that I wasn’t going to try to set a new personal best, rather just go and enjoy myself. I ended up catching a cold right before the race, but still came in just 2 minutes slower than my PB.

So now I have to tag 5 more people...ah, like who is left now? At the risk of double-tagging I will do a quick list: Neca, Bev, Sarah, Molly, and Thomas.

Nice! And, quite frankly, this is very appropriate advice for me *right now*!
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