Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nice Fast 14K Run

This afternoon as the dark storm clouds started rolling in I suited up and hit the trail. I intended on doing 16-18K (10-11M), but after about 10K I started feeling all the crosstraining I did in the last day and decided to stick to my normal 14K/8.7M route. In any case I finished with an average pace of 5:41/K (9:08/M) and without getting caught in the pooring rain that followed shortly after I finished.

I am running again tomorrow night so today there was no need to wear myself totally out. As I am not actually training for a marathon in the moment I am trying to restrain myself from training too much. If I run a marathon in March as I have been considering than my training will start up again in a couple weeks so I need to take it easy for the time being. I am saying this mostly to myself because I am a crosstraining fool in the moment and am more tired out than when I was training for the marathon’s.

Pray for poor Jon and all the other weekend racer’s that must be lining up about now as I write.

I just love that you have to show restraint with your running ~ me, I have to will myself into those first few steps! I hope whatever you have is catching. :)
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