Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Long Term Running Goals

I was reading the Carnival of Runners this morning sponsored this week by new guy blogger The Running Guy. As Jeremy is a new member of the RBF family I was looking through his posts, he has a lot of interesting things to say. One thing that caught my eye was the entry “What is Running Success” According to Jeremy, setting GOALS is the thing that has made him into a runner. Before this time he had a lot of false starts and really couldn’t get ‘into’ running. I don’t want to steal all of Jeremy’s thoughts so let me just say that I highly recommend you read the rest of what he wrote, it’s short but has a lot to say!

When I think about it I am happiest with my running when I am training for a specific goal. This years goals included setting new PR’s with the 10K and HM disciplines, completing my first marathon, then setting a new PR with my second marathon. I achieved all my running goals that I set, now I am thinking about what’s ahead.

I have a whole bunch of tentative goals ‘running’ through my head. Some of these I will probably be able to achieve next year, others will need some more time. I love making lists so I might as well plaster my current dream sheet here:

- Break the 4 hour barrier for a marathon.
- Break the 1:45:00 barrier for a half-marathon.
- Break the 45:00 minute barrier for a 10K.
- Complete a sprint triathlon.
- Complete a mountain marathon (e.g. marathon with some serious hills).
- Complete the 80K Karlsruhe Night Run.

My ultimate goal:

Complete the 4-day Marches (walk) in Nijmegen, Holland (30K per day for certificate; 50K per day for 4-Day Cross). In other words either 120K/75M or 200K/125M in four days.

Jack - That's the great thing about running, there are always new goals and new heights to achieve. There are immediate short term goals, and there are long term goals with intermediate steps along the way. This is what keeps it fresh and fun, sort of like life in general.

BTW, had some great apple pie last night!
I like those goals, Jack.

And you even had me thinking that maybe I could use the same ones. So, I'm going down the list...4 hour marathon, like that...1:45 half, stretch but good...45 10K, not sure but I think I can...uh oh. I hit the rest of the list and I am reminded once again that its JACK making this list! :D

Good luck with the goals, Jack. I've seen your training and races, and this is within your reach.
Woohoo for new goals! I especially like that sprint triathlon one...
Best of luck with the goals you have set!!
awesome goals jack. good idea.

thanks for all of your great marathon comments and helpful tips dude!!
Something about setting goals just seems to keep one motivated. I like to set long term goals, ie future races and short term ones ie - make it to the corner in the next 15

Good luck with your goals Jack.
Jack, thanks for the mention. Those are some amazing goals. Not knowing where your training is at I am not sure if you consider these as 'stretch' targets - but if they are I love the idea. Pushing yourself to something you don't think you can do (like an 80K night run for me!!!) is awsome motivation.
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