Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just Trying to Take it Easy

Last night I went out for a nice slow 14K/8.7M recovery run. It was a sunny day, but cool (16C/61F) and quite windy. My goal was to maintain a pace of 6:00/K (9:39/M) pace or slower, as my legs were still kind of achy from my race last Saturday. I have noticed that my legs are in worse shape after a shorter, high speed race (e.g. 10K) than a longer, slower race like a half-marathon. A marathon of course is a totally different story.

Anyway running against a rather strong wind kept my speed in check and I was able to maintain my goal pace almost to the second. This morning my legs are tired and sore, which had me wondering if I had worked the legs harder than I thought during the race. But then I thought a little about my training for the last month since the marathon:

Marathon was on Sept. 18
Week following M: 10K bike training (BT), 2x weight training (WT), 300 meter swimming (Sw), 9K Run (R)
M week + 1: 600m Sw, 55K R
M week + 2: 1000m Sw, 49K R (including 10K mountain race)
M week + 3: 1x WT, 1200m Sw, 38K R (including 10K race)
This week: 14K R so far.

A lot of people take 2-3 weeks off with almost no training, I ran on the 6th day after my marathon, and started regular training on the second week. Okay I had the mountain run and 10K run on the schedule so I had to try to get ready for these.

But now I am paying for the lack of recovery time, coupled with ambitious training and racing. Nothing serious, just an old, tired, aching body that is telling me to slow down and take it easy for awhile. So for the next few weeks I am going to try really hard to listen to my old body and slow down a little bit.

I am pretty much convinced on running the Bienwald Marathon (half-marathon report 2005) on March 12, 2006. I am holding off a little while before I sign up as our vacation plans are still not settled completely. In any case I am going to start my marathon training in the middle of November, about 16 weeks before the proposed M. I am also considering running a HM on December 3rd as a training run, and maybe a 20K race in February, but we’ll see.

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