Friday, October 28, 2005

Jackqua Man or Bust!

Tuesday night I had a rather good night at the pool. If you haven’t been following my adventures lately I am taking a swim course on Friday nights to learn the finer techniques of the breast stroke. Tuesday night I did some „homework“! For the first time I seemed to find my rhythm and everything felt right. I was optimistic, filled with hope and already to swim with the fishes.

Well last night was about as opposite of the spectrum as you can get. Yep, Jackqua Man must have been subjected to some stinky swamp water which basically had the same effect as kryptonite on Superman, leaving him a floating around like a dead frog in the lake. I couldn’t seem to get anything right, and the more I concentrated the worst it got.

I went to the pool directly after work so my wife decided to meet me there after her work was done so she could ride home with me. The pool has a balcony with bleachers overlooking the pool for when swimming competitions are held. She was watching me for awhile. She could see that I was having a hard time. Afterward I asked her what she thought my pain problem areas were. She came up with a list:

- I raise my feet out of the water when I am kicking.
- I spread my legs too far apart.
- I don’t put my arms together when I swim forwards.
- My arm-feet movements are not coordinated.
- Rather than gliding forward when I kick, I rush to complete the arm stroke. Wifey said it almost looks like I am afraid to let my head go underwater.
- I bend my wrists too much when I do the arm stroke.
- I move my arms wrong when I do the arm stroke.

I really, really felt like asking her what I did RIGHT, but I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to think of anything :-(

Anyway wifey suggested that we leave a little early tonight for my swim course so she can help me a little bit with my form. That’s why I love her.

Next week I have vacation, my wife has to work, the pool opens at 6 a.m. daily – guess where I’m going to start my days.

You know I couldn’t run a marathon the first day, week, or month that I started running, why should swimming be any different. But some day I’m going to be one of those people gliding seemingly effortlessly through the water! I would definitely welcome any training tips!

Tomorrow morning is my first long run since 4 weeks. I want to run at least 21K/12M, but if I feel good may add 5K before I'm done. This run is really to see at what running level I'm at in the moment. At this point it looks like I will run my next marathon in March or April if the winter training goes well.

Come on, you didn't drown, so you must have done something right
No words of wisdom except that it does get easier...
Despite my rather inconsistent performance in the pool I actually can swim a lot further than I could a month ago. So, if nothing else this is improving my fitness. And if I keep running my swimming frustations out I will improve my running too! Okay, so where's my bike, I might as well work on that too while I'm at it!!
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