Saturday, October 01, 2005

First Swimming Lesson & A Rainy Long Run

Yesterday I had my blog report all typed up ready to go and my computer froze up. Of course I didn’t save it, that would be too easy. Anyway nothing terribly important, just my normal ramblings about my training day off on Thursday.

Last night was my first swim class, the adult beginners class. Compared to the other 4 in my class I am a “good” swimmer. I haven’t got the names down yet, I am always slow catching name, but the class consists of a 40ish couple probably from Turkey who never swam before. The lady doesn’t speak German either (the class is in German), her husband has to translate. Then we have a younger (then me) man about 35 who said he lived by a large lake in northern Germany most of his life and never learned to swim, he at least used to wade in the water and is not scared of it. Then there is a younger girl-woman somewhere around 15-25 years old, these days I really can’t tell anymore. Her face is youthful but the rest very mature, but let me stay away from that, and just say she is an attractive young lady around my daughter’s age. All the people are friendly and seem to have a desire to learn how to swim. The Turkish man and the attractive young lady both made major advances in the short 45 minute session that we had.

I have already decided that Annabella our instructor is a gift from heaven as she has nerves of steel and patience a mile long. She also is very honest and let me know that my swimming style that my taught myself, a modified breast stroke crossed with a doggy paddle as my wife calls it, stinks! She also suggested that I would probably have a harder time in the class because I first have to forget my bad habits. I love this lady, she is just what I need to break me down and rebuilt into a swimming machine! I am really looking forward to our next 9 classes.

I swam a couple laps before the class and two more afterwards. We did various drills during the class to practice the proper breast stroke. My wife went with me to the pool, but she has a cold and aching bones so decided to sit the night out in the cafeteria with a cup of hot chocolate and a magazine. I felt really good after the class and extra laps, so much so that I was all wound up the rest of the night and it took forever to fall asleep.

But at 6:30 this morning I rolled out of bed, at breakfast, warm-up and headed out on my first long run since the marathon. I had 21K (12M) on the schedule today, but I was a bit undecided how far to go as I am still recovering , so I just started running. I had my CamelBak with me, jacket (it was sprinkling) and running hat (not orange) so was ready for anything. I settled into about a 6:00/K (9:39/M) pace and started running south towards Karlsruhe. Rather than staying on the asphalt bicycle paths as I had done during my marathon training, I meandered onto parallel gravel or dirt paths as the opportunity provided itself. About halfway to Karlsruhe (6K?) I turned around and took a different trail that eventually led me over to where I usually do my 14K (8.7M) runs during the week. From there I took my normal route back to the house. This ended up being a little further than I planned on, somewhere around 25-26K (15-16M), a total time of 2:32:43.

The run was hard, those muscles that felt so good after swimming last night were making their discomfort known this morning. I was stiff

Not orange? Well, I have a few you could borrow (my collection continues to grow!).

And such a long run during are a machine!
Glad your class went well!
That's gotta feel odd having run marathons, yet starting over from scratch on swimming. Its all good though, Jack. It helps your brain stretch a bit.

And I swear I was not grinning as you described the young healthy woman in your class. She didn't wear a bikini did she? :)
A good swimming instructor is worth her weight in gold! Are you training for a tri? (I've missed a few posts!)
When I taught swimming, it was indeed toughest to teach adults who had "improvised" over the years. Similar to teaching me to play golf as an adult, I suppose.

Awesome that you're doing this, Jack!
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