Thursday, October 20, 2005

An Easy 14K Run in the Fall Rain = Heaven

Last night was a cool 9C/48F as I came home and suited up for my run. I opted for longer running pants and a jacket as I headed out. It was raining softly and the trails were soaked from the rain we had throughout the day. My training goal was a 14K/8.7M run at an easy pace, around 5:45/K. The air was fresh, the trails empty and the forest in full color. I was really tempted to add on some distance, I love running during a gentle rain. But I remembered that my legs are still not totally fit from all my races lately so headed home. In any case I met my training pace objective with an average pace of 5:47/K (9:19/M).

If you have been following my posts lately you have probably caught that my legs have been sore and stiff the last couple weeks. This is really not a surprise for me, I have been pushing too hard, too soon with my running since my marathon. I have also added an average of 1100 meters swimming per week for the last 3-4 weeks. For someone who swims regularly this may not sound like so much, but for me this is a lot. I have to break in all those long neglected swimming muscles. I also am stilling learning the correct form, so probably expend a lot more energy and strain the muscles more than an experienced swimmer. But someday I can picture myself gliding almost effortlessly through the water like some of the water rats that I see at the pool. Then watch out, “Jackqua Man” will be on your heels ;-)

Jackqua Man! HA that's hilarious. I just don't know, your "take it easy" pace is my "oh if only" pace, so it's hard for me to imagine. I am going swimming on Tuesday! It's the best I can do with this whack schedule.
mia goddess summed it up for me. I can't wait to have a post titled, "Today I breezed through a 14K Run with Nary a Bead of Sweat"
Love the nick name!
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