Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Duck Season and Oktoberfest

Duck season is upon us, not the hunting type, no I mean rain. Saturday it rained, Sunday it rained, yesterday was a holiday in Germany it rained. Today it is raining, tomorrow, well you probably can guess what the weather report is.

Despite the lousy weather we met with friends at the local Oktoberfest on Sunday afternoon. The good part of the day was the good company of our friends, the good food and some traditional Oktoberfest dance and music from the club sponsoring the event. The bad part of the day was getting rained on while making our way to the fest tent, sitting in a drafty tent for 5 hours and having to put up with rather unhealthy air from smokers, old beer, greasy food and 1200 other soggy people.

Of course the next morning my wife made the comment “I hope I didn’t catch a cold.” I could only answer with “achooo”. Yep runny nose, sneezing, coughing, clogged sinuses I had it all by Monday morning. The good news is that I didn’t have fever, the bad news is that my wife had all the symptoms by noon as well. So we spent our holiday yesterday playing pass the Kleenex please! After a good 10 hours sleep last night I feel better this morning, still displaying the symptoms, but feeling better. I can’t wait to go to work and pass the bug onto all those that paid me this favor in the past.

As I said I didn’t have any fever, so against my wife’s rather conservative opinion I suited up and ran a 14K/8.7M round yesterday afternoon. My timing was perfect, I think it was the only time the entire day when it didn’t rain. I did keep the pace down some, I definitely was not feeling up to par. On a positive note the run really cleaned out the sinuses and enabled normal breathing for at least and hour or two.

If you are just catching up reading blogs from the weekend be sure to check out the race report from our newest RBF marathoner Brent.

thanks for the shout-out jack! thanks again for your great advice and cheering me on. your marathon report also helped me a ton.
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