Friday, October 07, 2005

Doing my Homework at the Pool

Yep, I think everyone needs goals, whether it be fitness, family, work or whatever. Sometimes we meet the goals, sometimes not, but normally it keeps us moving forward. The only goal I haven’t met yet this year in the total fitness arena is losing my last 6-8kg (13-17lbs). Okay I still have about 12 weeks till the end of the year, there is still hope.

On the other side I don’t necessarily feel BAD about it because, as Blogfather Mark once commented, I have probably replaced a lot of fat with muscle, muscle is heavier. On the positive side, after an initial weight loss of 4kg (9lbs) by March, I haven’t gained any weight since then! Of course there have been fluctuations depending on my training, but I have had an average weekly weight of 75kg (166lbs) since March. Last year my weight went up and down like a rubber ball, so I consider this a major accomplishment.

So enough rambling for now. Last night I stopped at the swimming pool and did some homework for my swimming course. All together I swam about 550 meters, 11 laps. I tried really hard to do the breast stroke correctly. I admit though that I am an uncoordinated oaf when it comes to swimming. I was watching the other swimmers for awhile and tried to imitate their form, which was usually the same as my swimming instructor taught us during our first class. Alas, I am still an oaf.

Despite my rather depressing attempt at proper form and technique I still think I had a good workout. I love the feeling that I had after leaving the swimming pool, a kind of feeling of accomplishment that I had really worked a whole bunch of muscles in the body. No aches or pains, just a feeling that I had a good workout. I think swimming and I are going to be good friends. We only need to learn to get along with each other. It’s kind of like when you are young and finally meet that special cute girl or guy. You are kind of clumsy and awkward together at first, but after awhile no one can pry you apart, you are just one.

Tonight will be a busy night, I need to run and do the swim course. In order to do both I have to cut my running distance down to about 10K in order to make it to swim class on time. I have my mountain run on Sunday so I don’t want to wait until tomorrow to get my run in. I also don’t want to skip a run because that would mean 4 days without running, I mean, I might forget how to run :-O

Jack, it sounds like you are as busy as ever. Speaking of busy, did you ever get those photos from the race organized? Thanks for your comments--they help!
And the good thing about the swimming is you cool off faster than running!

Too funny about the dating analogy. I'd say its pretty accurate in my case, but more like my High School dating - painful! :D
Have a great run up the mountain Sunday - viel spass!
Maybe if I think of swimming as a cute guy I will do

Show that mountain that you are part human and part goat!
I don't know time zone difference so its likely you've already run your race. I bet it was awesome and can't wait to read about it.
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