Monday, October 24, 2005

Did ya hear about the RBF's latest SuperHero!

In case you didn’t hear the RBF has a new SuperHero, able to withstand pain that would leave Superman whimpering in the corner like he’s on a bad kryptonite trip, able to destroy a Volkswagon by flexing his IT band, who took on Detroit and left the town in a shambles, and when Canada tried to do him in, defiantly peed all over it!

Congratulations to all the other racers that ran this weekend to. As I write I haven't heard how Dawnie, Jank , and ncmunchkin fared.

In any case running a marathon is not easy. Some people seem to have less trouble than others. I belong to the group that has to bring my mountain climbing gear with me so I can scale the wall when I hit it. My dream is to run a perfect marathon, whereas perfect is defined as being able to run the entire distance without having to scale the wall along the way and have to fight for every inch afterwards. Maybe next time!

After my run yesterday afternoon I pried my wife off the couch and we took a walk around town. Our town was having an autumn festival so there was lots of things going on. We opted to walk through the flea market and later stopped for some cake and coffee. In honor of our new RBF Superhero I had a big piece of chocolate mousse! I raised my fork, "this one is for you Jon"!

Now I only need to run about a zillion miles tonight to work off all the calories – but man was it good!

Heh, heh. I could use some of that chocolate mousse today, Jack! But alas, the days of high carbs are over for a while. :(
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