Friday, October 14, 2005

Completed a Swim/Run Brick

Last night I stopped at the swimming pool to practice the breast stroke. I swam about 600 meters all together. Then I headed home and ran my 14K/8.7M run. I didn’t leave for the run until about 5:45 p.m., so it was almost dark by the time I returned. Worse was that it was 24C/75F when I started the run, but really cooled down by the time the sun went down (it wa 7C/44F at 6 a.m. this morning). I only wore running shorts and a short sleeve CoolMax shirt so was getting chilly towards the end. Not good for my still lingering sniffles. I had planned on an easy run in anticipation of my 10K race on Saturday, but by the halfway point I was getting chilly so I let up on the brakes. I ended up with an average pace of 5:20/K (8:36/M).

Tomorrow (Saturday) at 2:30 p.m. I am running the 10K Unicef Oberwald Forest Run with 22 other people from my company. Most of them also ran the 8.889K Baden Mile run this past May. It should be a fun time! I already set a PB this year (49:12) so this is not a priority. I haven’t been doing any speed work so don’t anticipate setting a PB. Of course if I am having a good day anything can happen, in any case I won’t be sipping coffee on the way.

My diet is going well in the moment. Since the week after the marathon I have dropped from 76kg (167lbs) to 74kg (163lbs) this morning. I hope I can maintain this through the weekend. My goal weight is 68-70kg (150-155lbs) which is just slightly more than my doctors opinion of my 'perfect' weight. Then I only need to fight the rest of my life to maintain this level (losing is easy in comparison).

Tonight’s my swim course, part 3 (of 10). I’m looking forward to it! Have a great weekend everyone!

Good luck in the 10K tomorrow, Jack!

And I'm glad to hear that the weight goes away after the marathon. I need to drop a few now.
Have a great race tomorrow, Jack!
Have fun tomorrow! Sounds like that's your main goal.
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