Monday, September 05, 2005

Why? An Emotional Interview on Meet the Press

If you haven't cried in the past few days, you probably will watching this . I had kept from crying until now. I lost it, completely. I don't even know what to say. I just think everyone should watch this...

Like many of you I have been sitting in front of the TV trying to understand what's going on in the hurricane area, wondering, pondering, experiencing all kinds of emotions and just wondering what I can do to help.

I have found my cause, I have decided to support my brother's group. As I mentioned once my brother Steve is a mission center director in Algiers Point, New Orleans. This is one of the many projects of the international non-profit, non-denominational group Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

He has been meeting with other center directors in the affected area and in Tyler, Texas. Here is his latest report on their efforts.

"YWAM New Orleans lost our crisis pregnancy center. We have suffered damage to buildings but we will not be able to go in to evaluate the damage for several weeks. We know we have sustained wind damage because of the severity of the storm. We have heard reports that most of our eleven buildings are not under water, though some may have been for a short time. This is good news because we are preparing our place [at Algiers Point] to be a relief site to assist the hundreds of thousands of needy people that will be coming back eventually.

Please pray for our city. The needs are enormous, but only God is bigger than a hurricane. You can be part of bringing hope to one of the most devasted areas of America. New Orleans prior to the hurricane was an out of control poverty stricken area in America and so some of the terrible things that you many see on the news come as no surprise. I say that even though I love our city and the people, having lived and worked here with YWAM for the past 17 years.

We are preparing ourselves for the next steps. It will take 36-80 days to drain the water out of the city. Thousands of houses are immersed in water to the roof tops. Many are damaged beyond repair. Most major roads are devastated for miles and will take months to repair leaving very few roads left to even get into the city. Electric, sewer and water will be off for months in many parts of the city. So it will be a long process of rebuilding and ministering to the city. Many people will not be able to do anything for weeks or months but after a while we will need help from everyone who can come. We will try to get ready for you to come to our city.

We have many immediate financial needs for our family, staff and ministry. We will probably not be able to return to the city for weeks or possibly months. You can send checks to Youth With A Mission if you would like a tax receipt, or you can send them in our name to our address.

Our temporary address for Youth With A Mission New Orleans is:

Youth With A Mission (or Steve and Bronwen Niles)
P. O. Box 62088
LaFayette, LA 70596-2088

To find out more about YWAM or to make an online donation: (YWAM main site) (YWAM at Tyler, Texas)"

Like I said we have decided to support this cause. I encourage all of you to find your cause, whether it be, donations to your favorite charity, helping a friend or relative, or just giving blood to your local Red Cross.

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