Monday, September 05, 2005

Tapering Thoughts

Despite running a half-marathon yesterday I really am tapering for my marathon. Last week I only ran 51K/32M compared to 76K/47M the week prior to that. This week I am thinking about maybe 44K/27M and the last week before the marathon maybe 2-3 runs of about 45 minute duration.

I may also put my weight training on a shelf until after the marathon as well. I work out with very light weight, which probably would not have too much impact on tapering, but on the other side why risk an injury.

I am trying to filter my nervous “taper madness” energy into something constructive, mainly trying to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief. I hope I’m not bugging you guys too much, you probably have figured out that I get worked up about things like that. I will try to be quiet from here on out.

No need to be quiet Jack. As time goes by, it's easy for these things to slip from the forefront of people's minds, but the needs will not diminish any time soon.
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