Friday, September 09, 2005

Tapering 101: Carbo-loading!

Last night we were invited to a birthday part at our neighbors (and good friends) G. and A. Their little daughter Saskia turned 4 years old. Upon arriving at 5 p.m. we were greeted with cake and coffee. Now A. is a learned Confectioner and her cakes are about as good as they get. Her Black Forest cake with real chocolate flakes, whipped cream and 10 zillion calories will put you into sugar overdose and seventh heaven. Her cheesecake is light, scrumptious and just leaves you sobbing, it is sooo good. You can understand why G., pictured in the yellow shirt below, has an overhanging waistline:-)

Anyway after cake and coffee, lots of good conversation with G. and A.’s relatives and a couple other neighbors that were invited we were treated to a real runner’s meal: Mountains of spaghetti with rich sauce, fresh parmesan cheese, fresh home grown salad, red wine, beer, schnapps, and assorted other non-alcoholic drinks.

Needless to say I am still stuff this morning as I write this. What a fun evening, good company, excellent carb’s, and just a wonderful way to get through another night of tapering!

Tonight I want to run 10-12K to work off some of the calories from last night. Here are a couple pictures of the fest. Saskia is shown playing with her new bunny rabbit.

p.s. I signed up for my swimming course on the way home from work last night. The ding-a-ling at the swimming pool was a lost child who had no clue about the course. I tried to get a feeling if the course was going to be a waste of time or not, as I can swim – I just never learned the right technique. After going back and forth in a conversation that would make Mia proud, I finally decided to just sign up and see what happens. The good news is that the same instructor also teaches the more advanced classes on swimming style so I can get a feel for the other courses ahead of time.

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