Monday, September 26, 2005

Swimming; Vacation 2006 Ponderings

After my little excursion to the swimming pool yesterday, where I managed to complete numerous laps with my glorified dog paddle, I have decided that swimming must be an excellent form of exercise. I have come to this startling conclusion after waking up this morning with a whole new series of muscles aching to the core. Talk about being stiff, I swear I heard the joints creaking this morning as tried to upright myself out of bed this morning. Gosh! In any case I am really looking forward to my swimming course that starts on Friday.

Other Ponderings:

My wife and I spent some time surfing the Internet yesterday looking at what it costs to fly to New York at various times next year. My preference is around the beginning of September, in enough time for the New Haven Road Race 2006. My wife’s preference is anytime that snow will not be a problem. So considering my parent’s rather rural residence, that would be from late-March to November. It seems that July and August are the most expensive months, so we will probably avoid these.

Generally we fly from Frankfurt, Germany to a large city (e.g. Philly, Pittsburgh, NYC) and then on to Syracuse, NY (90 min. drive from my parents). This time we took a look at a variety of cities in U.S. and Canada to see if is cheaper to arrive at another city. Detroit is now on the top of the list, with Boston and Cleveland as alternates. We have friends that we usually visit in Detroits’ St. Claire Shores suburb, so this would work. But we are still looking around.

Do any of you have any international flying experience that can make any recommendations?

I believe it's always cheapest to fly to Edmonton first, and then sloooowly make your way to New York...

No, but Yay to NEW HAVEN!!
There ya go! Fly to Edmonton, drive to Detroit, and then on to New Haven, stopping Syracuse. Road trip!

Seriously, I haven't a clue about flying overseas as I've only gone twice. Detroit is a pretty rotten place to arrive in generally speaking, although the new terminal looks very nice. Its a long drive to New Haven from there though.
No experience here. But how about Calgary in July for Stampede and an ummmmmm Marathon????? *hint hint, wink, wink*
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