Monday, September 19, 2005

Some Race Stats

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement, as always this means the world! I apologize for leaving you hanging by spitting the race report. In the way of excuses I can only offer that my legs were hurting (spasms of pain), I was running some fever and coughing badly (yep, I caught a bad cold yesterday) and owed my wife some quality time. Weak excuses I know, but that’s all I have :-|

I am sure that I will be analysing my marathon for the next zillion years, trying to figure out why it didn’t go according to my plan. I am my own worst critic, never satisfied with my performance. This is good with some things in life, but other times this gets in the way, resulting in pushing myself so hard that my body just says “sorry dude”.

Some Race Stats:

23rd Baden Marathon

Total signed up: 2,465
Total started: 1,991
Total finished: 1,947

Interesting that almost 500 runners didn’t even show up, must have been too cold??

The first 3 male runners were all from Kenya:
Koech, Gideon – 2:18:45
Sawe, Elisha – 2:21:35
Kurgat, Eliud – 2:21:49

The first 3 female runners:

Ustianowska, Dorota (Poland) – 2:39:21
Renz, Sylvia (Germany) – 2:47:42
Brema, Susanne (Germany) – 2:49:43

My Stats:

Clock time: 4:40:41
Chip time: 4:34:14 (actual time)
Placement: 1,429 out of 1,947
Placement age group (M45): 245 out of 276


Out of the 6,703 half-marathon runners signed up, 5,488 started and 5, 469 finished. Again it is interesting that over 1200 runners didn’t even show up. I think it was too cold and windy for a lot of them.

I will try to get some pictures of the race together this week when I have time. Have a great week everyone!

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