Monday, September 05, 2005

Some Race Statistics

My legs are feeling really good this morning, the day after setting a new PR with the half-marathon distance (still can’t believe it). The legs are a little tired to be sure, but no pain or stiffness like I sometimes have. This may change after sitting at my desk all day today. Last night I took a short bicycle ride around town, I think this helped loosen up the muscles.

I am very satisfied with my performance at the race yesterday and to be honest feel like I could have run a little faster even. I am still very conservative in my running, I guess I still have a fear of “hitting the wall”. My colleague who has been racing for several years said I will probably become more daring (and competitive) as time goes on.

Race Statistics South Pfalz Run:

1000M: 115
Walking: 40
5.2K: 50
10K: 691
Half-marathon: 381

Half-Marathon Stats

Fastest Male: 1:11:27 (1964)
Fastest Female: 1:27:20 (1961)

My Stats
My time: 1:48:12
Average pace: 5:08/K (8:15/M)
Placing: 26th out of 48 in my age class (M45)
Overall: 198th out of 381 runners

Jack~ It took me three visits yesterday to get caught up with your blog, and I still had to come back this morning to make any comments...ahh, the joys of doing everything with a baby in your arms! [actually, it has been quite joyful, if not productive :)]

Anyway, it's great to read such an amazing race report and to see your stats like that. You didn't just "pr", you killed that thing. I can't wait to hear how the marathon goes. I suspect it will be a very different experience than your last one!
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