Friday, September 09, 2005

A Shorter Fast Run & An Adventure at the Pool

After I got home from work I suited up, warmed up and headed out for a run. I finished the first kilometer in 5:30/K (8:51/M), exactly the pace I was looking for. But I felt like I was going a lot slower, kinda dragging. It was 30C/87F outside, humid, and the storm clouds were gathering. So I decided to speed up some and reduce my mileage from the planned 14K/8.7M to 9-10K.

My kilometer splits.

1K – 5:30 (8:51/M)
2K – 5:05 (8:11/M)
3K – 4:50 (7:47/M)
4K – 4:55 (7:55/M)
5K+ - unmeasured distance somewhere between 1-2K

Last four kilometers:

4K – 5:15 (8:19/M)
3K – 5:05 (8:11/M)
2K – 5:00 (8:03/M)
1K – 4:35 (7:23/M)

My neighbor G. was watching me sprint in, he thought it was the funniest thing – maybe my belly wiggles or something :-)

Anyway a shorter run, but intensive. I guess I went around 9-10K

After cooling down I had some chicken and a tossed salad with my wife, then chilled out for a half-hour. My wife went over to the neighbor to help make 50 (fifty) cakes for a wedding tomorrow. So I decided tonight was the night to go to the swimming pool and get some practice in before my swim course at the end of the month.

I love to swim, I just never learned the right technique. I reminded myself just how bad I was as I attempted to complete 10 x 50 meter laps. I went two laps and had to take a break. Then I had to take a break after each lap. Gosh do I swim bad, I can get from one end of the pool to the other, but everyone flys buy me. I swear the 70 old lady on her bicycle this summer that I passed while I was running was there getting her revenge ;-)

Anyway I completed 10 laps, then took a break. After 10 minutes I tried to do a couple more laps, but by that time the pool was too full and I spent more time dogging people than moving forward so I called it a night.

My eyes are blood-red and tired, I think I need to buy some swimming goggles before my class starts on the 30th. I also need to be careful about doing too much swimming before next weekend (M-day) as my legs aren’t used to this, I used muscles that I didn’t know I had.

In any case this is a good indication that swimming needs to be a part of my overall fitness plan. I also confirmed that I really need a swimming course so I can learn to swim properly. I expend a lot of energy due to poor form.

Sunday I want to run a moderate 16K (10M), nice and easy.

Have a nice weekend.

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