Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pre-marathon Brain Dysfunction

Susan unknowingly provided the title for today’s blog. I think this rather dignified substitute for Taper Madness fits especially well to the emotional soup that I was dishing out yesterday. My wife rescued me last night, she took the streetcar to Wal-Mart after work than called me and told me to come and pick her up. Then she dragged me around shopping for the rest of the night. I mean to admit that she rescued me by dragging me around shopping is definitely a sign of brain dysfunction, as normally I can’t stand shopping, period!

Anyway it was a good distraction, the evening was just about shot by the time I finally dragged sweety with heels dragging ;-) from the last store (no Wal-Mart was not enough). I was so emotionally drained from this traumatic experience that I hit the sack at 9:15 p.m. and slept like a baby the whole night. Five more nights to go!

Tonight I have a 9K run on the schedule so the world will be okay!

Actually I am pretty relaxed and feeling positive this morning. I think the tapering and extra sleep are starting to do their work. I also thank all of you for your encouragement and understanding. This means so much to me!

So far it looks like the weather for Sunday is going to be favorable. According to this mornings newspaper it should be partly cloudy with temperatures at 6:00 a.m. at 11C/52C rising to 21C/70F through the day. It could be a little windy, but otherwise it sounds almost perfect! Now I only have to decide what I need to wear...

I was looking at the Baden Marathon homepage yesterday, they have a cool animated course plan. I know the first half of the course pretty well because I ran the half-marathon last year, so I am concentrating on memorizing the second 21.1K (12+ miles). I think it is a good strategy to learn the course the best you can before a race. This always helps me from going insane the last several kilometers.

So off to work I go!

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