Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Painful Calves and Future Plans

So today is my first day back to work after my little run on Sunday. My rear calf muscles are still in pain when I walk, sit or breath. I did not sleep well last night due to these muscles throbbing most of the night. They actually felt worse last night and this morning than on Sunday after the race. I think these are the muscles that are most directly effected by the hard road surfaces. It took a couple days after the last marathon before these started feeling better. I think this time it will be no better.

Today is my sweeties birthday, I offered to take her out tonight to her favorite restaurant, but she said she might take a raincheck until the weekend. One of her colleagues is sick so she has to work for two this week.

I am swamped with work as well, maybe it will help keep my mind off the pain in my legs. I may take a short walk during lunch to loosen up the muscles a bit. It can’t be any worse anyway (I hope).

So anyway I’m signed up for my next race, the Brandenkopf Mountain Run on October 9. It’s ONLY a 10K race. What is interesting is that the Finish is 700 meter (2,300 feet) higher than the start. Guess that’s why they call it a mountain run! This will be my chance to prove that I am part mountain goat.

In any case this week I am trying to reframe from any running. Today this is not an issue, believe me! If my legs feel better I may take a short run this weekend to see how the legs are doing. I hope to be back in training mode by next week.

I am not exactly sure how my training schedule will look for the rest of the year. For the next month or two I will be training for various 10K runs which are available in our area (almost every weekend). My next longer races are in January, a 15K run and February, a 20K run. Then we’ll see.

That is such a Jack thing to do: finish the marathon and then sign up for a run up a mountain! Madman. :D

Rest those calves, Jack. A little walking (although painful) may be just the thing to loosen them up.
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