Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Okay, I'm Calm

Last night I had a truly great run! First the weather was a mild 22C/72F, overcast but not humid or windy. I flew around the 9K/5.6M route with a seemingly comfortable 5:18/K (8:32/M) pace. I was tempted to go around a second time but wisely reframed from doing this. I had a good stretch afterwards, did some extra pushups and sit-ups and felt totally refreshed!

My wife made a really good pasta dish with mushroom sauce, fresh zucchini cooked with rice and green peppers and some green salad on the side. I spent the night relaxing with my wife, reading down my pile of neglected magazines and just chilling out. I even managed to make it to bed by 9:30 (I get up at 4:45 a.m.).

This morning I feel great, no soreness in the legs, I can really tell the tapering is working. I am looking forward to running the marathon, but will still be glad when it is over and I can get back to my normal training. Somehow tapering is just not my thing, I prefer to be pushing hard all the time!

Today I have a lot to do at work so hopefully won’t start dwelling on ‘M’ day. I know that I have trained well, I will finish, I will try hard to finish in around 4 hours, and if I don’t that’s alright if I know I gave my all. The next few days will still be nerve racking, its part of tapering, if I survive this the race will be a piece of cake!

Thursday is my last run, probably another 9K at marathon pace. I am debating weather to go for a short jog on Friday night or Saturday morning – just a 10 min. lap around town to loosen things up and settle the nerves.

Holy cow ... I can't believe that it's your last run tomorrow. You're going to kick butt in this race, I just know it. I'm just trying to calculate the time difference to estimate when that race report will be in ... hmmm ... :)
Dude! Good luck I'm running one this weekend. You seem excited! I got your e-mail about the fluff. I will send ya jar if you'd like.

I'm running the rochester, ny marathon Saturday.

keep what your doing!

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