Monday, September 26, 2005

A Nice 14K Recovery Run

Tonight was a nice pleasant 23C/73F as I headed home from work. The sun was shining off and on, with a slight breeze. My goal tonight was a 14K/8.7M run at a moderate pace. I ran 9K/5.5M yesterday and my legs are a bit tired. I still feel that I am not recovered from the marathon – so moderation was my goal. So after a short warm up I headed out at what felt like a painfully slow and boring pace. I succeeded in completing the run with an average pace of 5:54/K (9:29/M), probably my slowest paced run in at least 2 months with the exception of the marathon itself. Anyway that was moderate compared to what I have been running, so mission accomplished.

Tomorrow night I need to take a rest, I don’t want to overdo it my first week back to training. If the weather cooperates I may do a hill run on Wednesday night. Or if my legs are still sore I will just run my 9K or 14K route again and save the hill run for Saturday.

I loved your Post-Marathon Pig Out comment on my blog. I definitely really get relaxed about everything after a big race. Let's face it, we deserve it!! Hope to see you in New Haven 2006.
I think it was Richard that said you need a day of recovery for every mile you race. So you have about three weeks of feet up and TV to recover, Jack.


Ok, maybe not feet up. Some TV. I think a nice slow pace is in order for a recovery, as you build back up again gently. I agree you did just great for so soon afterwards.

Rest up for the mountain.
That's some recovery run!
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