Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Fight with the FLAB

I was skimming through my training notebook during lunch and came across my list of diet goals that I wrote out during the winter. Based on the bathroom scales I haven’t lost any weight all summer :-(

On the other side I have toned up in some parts of the body, i.e. replaced fat with muscle. Legs look good, arms, shoulders, butt, back good - even the upper stomach is gettin firm - but I still have my “spare tire” so I am not satisfied. Here are my updated goals:

Weight on January 1st: 80kg/176lbs
Wake-up weight this morning: 75kg/165lbs
Goal weight by the end of October: 72kg/159lbs
Goal weight by Christmas: 70kg/154lbs

My doctor said my maximum weight for my height (67”) and frame should be 68kg (150lbs). I don’t think I ever weighed that little. I know that I haven’t weighed that little in the last 30 years (I’m 46)!

Most of my excess fat is flopping around the middle of the body, a result of being very fat for too many years. Sooo...I need to work on the mid-section...more sit-ups, crunches, all that fun stuff!

But first marathon II on the 18th!

exercise that targets the abs will not make the fat there dissappear. HOWEVER, the more muscle you have THROUGHOUT your body, the more calories those muscles eat up thereby speeding the fat burning process.

In addition, try doing some speedwork (intervals) once a week. Those really melt the fat away.

Good luck Jack! :)
Everything Mark said, plus, I've seen your pictures ~ you look amazing and fit. I think you might even find yourself very satisfied long before your goal of 154, so be open to changing that number! I would also add that crunches may not burn fat, but I'm always much happier with the midsection when I'm doing them than when I'm not.
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