Monday, September 19, 2005

The Look of a Marathon Finisher

Mia wanted a picture - so be it. Jack at the Finish line after receiving the finish medallion! September 18, 2005 - Baden Marathon

Lovely! And that's a legitimate smile, too! You sure look relaxed for what you just did. Hey, did you write your own name there, or did they put it on the bib some how? That's so cool, as far as a souvenir goes. Oh, the medal isn't too shabby either. ;)
Great picture Jack and I loved your report. Since I was late getting around to reading it, the splitup was just fine.

While it wasn't what you planned, you finished and with a PR. Way to go.

I hope you are feeling better today and that someday down the road we get to read another great Marathon report. :-)
Hey, you look like you're in pretty good shape there, Jack. Gotta be happy to have that medal around your neck. :)
Wow, congratulations Jack. I'm late getting over to your blog but I have to say--you should be so proud. What a fine race. Love the picture, too:) Don't over know you ran well. Maybe you came out too fast, but hey, you still PRd. And I know you enjoyed the entire journey. Now enjoy the rest:)
Great picture, you look very spry!
Never mind the hitting the wall, and the starting too fast - the picture is worth a thousand words.

You finished. You deserve a medal.

i'm still in awe that you ran a second marathon, its just so cool. you did good man, you did good. way to finish it out.
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