Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jack is Back

To running that is, today was my first post-marathon run. After relaxing and generally eating what I please for a week, today started the next phase of my running adventure, let’s call it the Winter phase. First step is to get this old body into shape for a 10K mountain run in two weeks.

So without looking back I headed out the door after church today and did a 9K (5.5m) run. I set my stop watch but decided to ignore it and let my body decide what the pace would be. The first couple kilometers were stiff, or rather I was, I can feel the 7 hours of garden work that I did yesterday. I have a problem standing on uneven ground for long periods of time, this leaves my leg muscles quite sore.

Gradually my legs loosened up and I feel into a groove. The sun was shining, a nice cool autumn day, 18C/65F. Clear sky, not wind, nice!

I finished the 9K/5.5M run in 50:05, a pace of 5:34/K (8:57/M). Pretty good for the first run after the marathon. My legs were comfortably tired, but not strained. So tomorrow night my wife starts were English course so I want to try a 14K/8.7M run. If that goes well then Wednesday will be a hill run.

Later this afternoon my wife and I went to the swimming pool in a neighboring town and did some laps. First time we have gone swimming together in ages, it was really nice.

A month or so ago I won a free week at a fitness studio for 2. Thursday night we are going and checking it out. The membership will probably be more than we want to pay, but we want to at least check it out.

Friday night is my first night for swimming course. I am looking forward to it, my self-taught swimming strokes wear me out, I want to learn the right technique.

So busy week ahead! Happy running.

thanks for the marathon advice jack! i appreciate it!
I'll bet it's good to be "fun" running again:)
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