Monday, September 12, 2005

The First Signs of 'M' Nervousness

I feel the first twinges of nervousness in my veins today.

The first sign is the almost uncontrollable lust for anything sweet – cookies, cake, chocolate, give me something sweet to gnaw on!

The second sign is every little muscle or joint that even remotely feels out of whack sends a signal to the brain that is amplified and immediately results in a panic signal! My legs feel tired today, oh no, did I run too much yesterday? I shouldn’t have worked in the garden on Saturday! Why did I go swimming on Friday night? Did I pull a muscle? What is wrong with me? I need to sit down! I need to take a walk! Ahhhhh!

And then there is the nagging feeling that I shouldn’t move, breath too much, or change anything-including-my-underwear until the marathon starts.

And lordy when a dog comes too close – back, back, the dog is not on a leash. I don’t need a dog bite – not nowwww! Breath, breath, air, air, whew! That actually happened yesterday when I was running. I ran across a couple riding their bikes through the woods with a big black dog between them. The dog wasn’t on a leash - I headed into the trees, for real! They most have thought I was out of my mind!

The worst though is thinking about my pace. I tried really hard not to think about how fast I am going to try to run the marathon because I knew it would drive me insane. Well, it’s driving me insane. I was sitting at work this morning typing away on a new user handbook and the little thoughts start popping into my head. Next thing I know I’m typing: “Based on my half-marathon pace x 2 plus 10 minutes I should be able to run the marathon in 3 hours and 46 minutes.” Wait, wait, what does that have to do with this product? But then, of course, I have to calculate what my average pace would need to be (about 5:30/K, 8:51/M). Then I have to ponder if I can hold this pace for almost 4 hours. Then I worry it's too fast. Then I think I'm a Wimp. And of course by that time I can’t remember what I was supposed to be writing about in the user manual so I have to start all over again. Ahhhh!

It’s going to be a long week...

Good luck staying away from the sweets!
Cute post! I feel for you (at least you're not worrying about somebody breaking and stealing your shoes, like Jon!) but you are so ready for this. Your training and determination have been amazing. I'm so excited, I can't imagine how you're holding up!
I haven't been there, Jack, but I've read about it. The pre-marathon brain dysfunction:) That's why they say the M is mostly in the head, right? Calm down, relax. Try to occupy your time with something else, she says easily:) Crossword puzzles? Cooking? Building an addition to the house?:)
Jack, you're almost there! Wow...time has flown by :-) Hang in there during these last few days, and know that you have lots of fans rooting for you on this side of the Atlantic!
I had to chuckle at your post...I can you know, I've sworn off mountain biking until after Oct. 8th!

Find some more wood working projects to get lost it!
hehe funny :)
Ok, this will be me in 18 weeks. But actually I feel a bit that way already and its only week 1.

Okay, back to you. Relax, count to 10, go play in the much ignored workshop. Do the dishes for your wife, anything to stop worrying. Repeat after me "I will do awesome, I will do awesome...." and remember to smile. :-)
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