Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where Am I Running To?

I was reading a.maria’s blog on her love/hate relationship on running today. I highly recommend reading it and the resulting comments if you haven’t. I can really relate to what she wrote, as I am sure many can.

I enjoyed one comment that douglas left:

“If you are training for a marathon and you don't get sick of running, you're not running enough. I've done 4 and every time I get into the third month and I'm having the exact same conversations with myself that you are ... and, you're right where you’re supposed to be.”

Roger that mission control! The last couple weeks have worn me down, left my body tired, my mind like jello, and overall looking forward to a break after “M” day.

On the other side I am already concerned about “after” the main event. I have spent over 8 months fine tuning this body to be a running machine and I am afraid that I will “lose it” over the upcoming winter.

I’m not really sure what the winter and next year will bring, whether it be privately, professionally, or running wise. These all tie in and effect with one another. I feel a need to keep running to prevent my weight from returning. I would like to continue to race as this drives me to continue running.

My wife, our house, our garden, our friends and my other hobbies have all felt the impact of high mileage training this year, leaving me wondering how much time I will be able to commit to running in the future.

Work is like a sleeping bear that sometimes wakes and seeks to consume large amounts of my free time. I have been able to rub its stomach and keep it dozing so far this year, but the alarm keeps going off.

Since the beginning of the year running has gained momentum as I went from race to race, goal to goal. I have been able to check off my goals, achieving most of them already. I have obtained PR’s, then obtained them again. It has been so satisfying that I am afraid that one day I will wake up and it will all have changed somehow.

I guess that happens to everyone at one time or another. I think the only solution is lace up the running shoes and hit the trail. As my feet hit the ground and my mind clears, then I will know how to precede, one step at a time!

Jack, I think you will "lose" a little of it. My experience has been that I physically & mentally cannot sustain that high level of running. Tour de France riders hit their peak for what 6 - maybe 8 weeks of the year? Don't be afraid to let taper off your peak some - I think the body needs it. part of the fun is climbing back up. :-)
I think I'll be happy when the training is over so I don't spend so much time being broken down, waiting to build up again. Its so tiring and just takes so much out of me. I'm looking forward to not feeling that soreness in my legs when I first get out of bed in the morning.

I am so right there with a.maria on how she feels about it all. Love it, hate it, love it, hate it...
i am SO wondering what the winter months/next year will bring as well.... its so good to hear that other people are going thru the same struggles out there in their own lives!! thanks for stopping by my blog and have an AMAZING marathon, i'll check back here next week to read all about it!!!!
*loved this post! Thanks for sharing.
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