Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Warning: Pre-marathon Jitters and Taper Madness on the Horizon!

Last night I had weight training and a 3K/2M jog on the training schedule. My legs were feeling surprisingly good after my rather quick 16K/10M run on Monday, so I decided to run a little further.

Now I probably have mentioned a time or two that my weight training consists mostly of a large variety of lighter weight exercises, mostly using dumbbells. I also throw in multiple sets of pushups, sit-ups and abdominal exercises (for the problem zone). Experienced weightlifters would probably laugh hysterically, but hey I’m a beginner and I can see results!

In any case after completing my weight training, minus some of the leg work, I stretched a bit and headed out for a run. We had fairly mild temperatures yesterday 26C/779F, humid and it was raining gently as I headed out over my old 8K/5M route. My pace goal was my planned marathon pace 6:00/K (9:39/M). As I said I was feeling pretty good, so I naturally had a hard time keeping that pace, my pace kept jumping all around as I fought to keep it down: 5:45/K, 5:20/K, 5:30/K, 5:10/K, 5:50/K, 5:55/K, 5:45/K, 5:20/K. Oh well, it felt like a relaxing run anyway!

Tonight is another 16K/10M run, tomorrow weight training with a short jog, then my long run on Saturday.

Despite doing quite well on my runs lately I am still a little nervous about my long run on Saturday. The plan is 36K/22M at planned marathon pace (6:00/K, 9:39/M). I accomplished this on August 13th, so I know I can do it, but somehow I still have butterflies in the stomach about it. This feeling is probably due to the fact that this will be my last long run before my marathon and I really hope that it goes smoothly.

The weather forecast for Saturday is promising, more mild weather and perhaps some rain. Based on my runs lately I am a little bit nervous about starting out too fast and burning myself out before I finish. On the other side, when I think about it, this is exactly the training I need in the moment as I will be facing the same problem in 3½ weeks at the marathon.

I guess I am entering my pre-marathon jitters phase, which was followed by tapering madness last time around. So brace yourselves, as I am sure my blog post’s will start getting really weird in the upcoming weeks, as I start experiencing every emotion imaginable in the course of 10 minutes and at regular intervals ;-)

You deserve to have weird posts, Jack. You've been working hard for this--so no wonder. Saturday will be fine, just fine.
I feel your pain, Jack. I've got a lot riding on my 20-miler this weekend. The pressure to make it a good one had got my butterflies going too! We can do this!!
Wow! 22 miles is going to be incredible, especially as a pace run. I've got 15 and that alone seems daunting. Your training has been really strong so I think you are going to do great. Just watch those antsy feet and try to keep yourself from flying out of the starting gate. You'll be lookin' geil. :D
I am sure you will do just fine. However pushing the long run isn't a bad idea as it will give you an idea of what you should or perhaps shouldn't do come race day.

We are all cheering for you. Go Jack Go!!!
22 miles! That is like - wow! But you are so committed and so consistent that I am sure you will do it strong! Bring on the madness - we're here to talk you down :)
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