Monday, August 29, 2005

Tapering 101

Kind of a weird day for me today, I guess I’m a bit concerned about family in hurricane Katrina’s path. Kind of that fear of not knowing kinda feeling. I’m sure they are fine and I’m just freaking out like Jon as he contemplates his trip to New Haven. I know, breathe!

Anyway, during lunch I was looking at my notes from this past May to see what I was running during Taper Time before the last marathon. I am making the fine adjustments to my running schedule for the next three weeks. I jotted a couple notes down:

- Discontinue my weight training after this week until after the marathon.
- Replace the after weight training jogs with cross-training (e.g. bicycling).
- Reduce my 16K/10M runs on Monday and Wednesday to 14K/8.7M.
- Maintain the intensity of these runs.
- Long run this weekend will be the half-marathon race (at marathon pace).
- Next weekend’s long run will be around 22-24K/11-12M.
- Get two days rest before the marathon.

Nothing earth shattering here, basic mileage reduction with added rest, while maintaining intensity. Happy running!

Aren't you smart to have kept notes! hope everything is ok with your family. It's hard not to worry.
Are you going to start twitching like Jeff did during the taper?? ;)

I'll keep your family in my prayers.
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