Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Taper Planning

Last night I put some of my tapering energy to good use and spent some time in the garden pulling weeds. This was followed by my weight training and a 10 minute spin on my wife’s bike trainer.

I mentioned yesterday that I totally blew my diet on the weekend, attending both a wedding and street festival. I gained an incredible 3kg (6.6lbs) from Friday morning to Monday morning. I seriously considered fasting for a day or two after stepping on the scales yesterday! As this would not necessarily be a good time right before a marathon I attempted to get back on my balanced diet and increase my activity level, hence the garden work and cross-training. By this morning I had shed the first kg (2.2lbs) and if I behave myself with the diet this week will probably get rid of the rest by the weekend. Frustrating I tell ya!

My tentative taper training schedule is as follows:

Aug. 30: 14K/8.7M run
Aug. 31: Weight Training (WT) and bike ride
Sept. 1: 14K/8.7M run
Sept. 2: WT and bike ride (or swimming)
Sept. 3: Rest
Sept. 4 (Sunday): Half-marathon
Sept. 5: Rest
Sept. 6: 14K/8.7M run
Sept. 7: Rest or cross-training
Sept. 8: 14K/8.7M run
Sept. 9: Rest or cross-training
Sept. 10: 24K/15M run
Sept. 11: Rest or cross-training
Sept. 12: Rest or cross-training
Sept. 13: 14K/8.7M run
Sept. 14: Rest
Sept. 15: 14K/8.7M run
Sept. 16: Company outing (lots of walking)
Sept. 17: Rest
Sept. 18: Marathon

Something like that anyway. I may reduce some of the 14K/8.7M runs to 10K and add and extra day of running. This will depend on how much time I have, it’s getting busy at work again as people return from their vacations.

Warning: Advertising Insert:

I haven’t heard anything about my brother in New Orleans yet. I did hear from a couple of my brothers, they both said that our brother may have stayed in New Orleans if anyway possible. You see my brother Steve in New Orleans and his wife are directors of a mission home, the Hope House, and will be trying to offer assistance (if possible) to those who stayed behind. Part of their ministry is to help the poor and homeless of New Orleans, the Hope House is located (hopefully still there) in the Algiers Point neighborhood, a very likely flood point.

If you are looking for a worthy cause and way to help the people of New Orleans you might want to check out their website at http://www.ywamneworleans.org/

The Hope House is a project of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), a non-profit organization with world-wide outreach.

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