Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Racing Senior Citizens; Cold Wave in August!

Last night I did my upper body weight training then headed out for a light run. I had planned on doing a nice easy 3K/2M run, but my legs felt surprisingly good so I ran 6K/3.7M.

I did really good keeping my pace around 6:00/K (9:39/M) until about the halfway point. Then I hear this heavy breathing behind me. I figured that another runner was coming up behind and trying to pass me – doesn’t happen very often anymore. Anyway I instinctively accelerated (race instinct), but the person hung in there. I was starting to get really curious by this time so just started to look over my shoulder just as the person finally pulled up along side me. Turns out it was a 65-70 year old lady on a bicycle! As she slowly pulled by me she said something to the effect that I was running as fast as she was biking :-)

She managed to get about a bike’s length in front of me, but I could see she was getting pooped. Finally I did the best thing I could do in such a situation – I speeded up and left her behind to get a rest – poor girl! Good thing she was dealing with Jack and not the 70 year old dude that beat me in the race last Saturday – she probably would have had a heart attack trying to keep up with him ;-)

Other Ponderings:

We are have unseasonably cool weather so far this month. Yesterday at 6 a.m. it was 14C/57F and at 4 p.m. 23C/74F. This morning at 6 a.m. when I walked to the train station it was only 12C/54F, with a cool breeze. This is not normal – typically we have extremely hot days in August with temperatures reaching up to 37C/99F plus! This year I am wearing a jacket in the morning because it’s COLD!

I've got news for you, you'd probably have beat me if I was riding the bike!
That's a funny picture speeding up and this little old lady behind you. There's got to be a cartoon in that.
Yup I've been passed by runners on my bike. Dang it, I get passed running or riding *sigh*.
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