Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Post-Marathon Ponderings

I already have my Taper Time book set out for those evenings when „the madness“ sets in. Yes I picked up a used copy of “The Competitive Runner’s Handbook” by Bob and Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover. This book has been out for quite a long time, but it sounded interesting and it was cheap (E-Bay). I was skimming through it this morning on the train, it looks like it will hold my attention for awhile.

During lunch I was trying to catch up on Hurricane Katrina news, nothing terribly new other than lots of flooding everywhere.

I was thinking post-marathon thoughts as I was munching on my sandwich. I have a couple notes floating in my mind:

- I want to try a mountain run in October.
- I want to run a couple 10K’s this year.
- I want to meet my weight goal by the end of the year (70kg/155lbs).
- I want to take swimming lessons (I can swim a little).

Long Term Goals:

- I want to remain fit enough to be able to complete a 10K or HM anytime I feel the urge (note: finish not necessarily set a PR).
- I want to keep the weight off!

Is there a Marathon III in my future? Let’s do Marathon II first, then we can talk about it...

Those sound like great goals Jack!
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