Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Passion for Running

Yesterday despite sleeping like a stone for 7 hours I woke up tired. Doubling coffee intake at breakfast had no effect, the walk in the cool air to the train station helped some, but I almost fell asleep on the warm train. Another cup of coffee and a danish finally managed to perk me up some, but as temperatures rose to 27C/81F in my office in the afternoon I started searching for toothpicks to prop my eyes open. I was glad when I could finally go home, but had to fight to stay awake on the train. If I miss my stop I end up in Mannheim, a 40 minute ride from home!

In any case I made it home, had a quick bite to eat with my wife, suited up, then piled in the car and drove to Weingarten, to our garden. After warming up I headed over the fields and through the forest to the base of my hill trail. Starting up the hill I could feel that the run would not be a record breaker.

I have been training hard lately and have not increased the amount of sleep proportionately. It is starting to catch up with me. As I continued up the steep incline I shook off the urge to turn around and find an easier trail. No, this run was on my training plan, my hill running has been helping my endurance, we’re going up the hill!

After what seemed like an eternity (7 minutes) I finally reached the top, where it leveled off for a few minutes before I reached the rolling hills portion of the route. At least I was awake now! As I started up and down the gentle rolling hills I could feel the adrenalin kicking in, driving me forwards. I eventually started down hill for about 5 minutes, then latched onto the trail leading back up the hill, the 2nd major hill climb. So up and up, this time with more enthusiasm, about a 8-minute climb, overall not quite as steep as the first major climb.

Heading over the mountain top I wound my way over a couple dirt-gravel trails, eventually reaching an asphalt service road that would lead me down to the base of the mountain. I love this road, gently curving downwards, surrounded by forest, secluded. I spread my arms out and let myself fly down around the curves, oh what a feeling that was :-) I probably looked foolish, but I didn’t care, besides I doubt their was anyone else around anyway.

As I reached the base of the mountain and turned back across the road, through the forest and the fields I felt refreshed, maybe reborn. The weariness had left me, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, gosh it just doesn’t get better than this. I celebrated by spending an hour in the garden pulling weeds before heading home, a little therapy for the soul.

This morning I am still a little tired, but my legs aren’t complaining, even after running over 1½ hours last night. I can’t wait to get the day over and spend some time with my favorite passion (okay with my wife too!).

Did you pick that title just to get me over here and commenting? Did ya? Did ya?!?!

OK, it worked. Nice post Jack...especially the title :)
Running down a good hill with 'airplane' arms is not's necessary. I do it all the time!
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