Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Nice Hilly Run

Yesterday night I took the night off from racing old ladies (see yesterdays post) and headed to the town of Weingarten and ran my hill route. It has been over a month since I ran this route and I felt it as I wound my way up the first uphill portion. The thing I like about running major hills is that it slows you down (at least it slows me down), I’ve been running my training runs faster and faster over the last few months, which is good for my shorter races and overall training, but over the next few weeks I have a couple seriously long runs planned and need to watch my pace.

So up the hill I went, once I was over the first major climb I more or less fell into my hill running pace and was able to enjoy the rolling hills on top of the plateau. As I have been running 16K/10M instead of 14K/8.7M, I looped around and added a second major hill climb to the run before heading back to my starting point. Total running time was 91 minutes, I would guess I was pretty close to the 16K, but it is really hard to say for sure. In any case it was a great workout, my legs are a bit sore today, but now I can take it easy until Saturday morning when I run my 34K/21M long run.

Tonight I have light cross-training in the garden planned: mow the lawn, pull weeds, trim the berry bushes. If I get home in time I may do my weight training and jog a couple miles. Maybe grandma is waiting for a rematch with her bike ;-)

Hi Jack,

I thought I would write and say hello because I work with the World marathon champion Ron Clarke.

I've always admired marathon runners, it seems like it's your own form of meditation, which I can appreciate is very addictive.

Keep running!
Enjoyed reading your blog. Although it did make me feel a little ill. You see, last November I was logging 50+ miles per week, with a long run of 15 miles on Saturdays. I was training for a marathon in Feb., until a nagging injury led me to lay off for a short period. When I resumed running I had lost so much stamina and speed, and realized that I wasn't going to meet my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, so I decided to stop running and get fat. I've put on 15lbs since then. I keep telling myself that I've got to get off my lazy butt and start running again.
Hang in there, or you'll end up like me.
We don't have any big hills around here, but the whole area is fairly undulating. Next time we go camping, myabe I'll pack my running shoes and run up Pilot Mountain....

Sounds like another great run! How's the wife liking the new job?
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