Friday, August 12, 2005

Long Runs and Fragrances of the Countryside

Yesterday was another day of mild cool weather, 24C/75F, occasionally sunny, in other words perfect running weather for this time of year. After completing my light weight training last night I headed out for a 3K jog. I tried to go as slow as possible and managed a 6:13/K (10:01/M) pace – nice and easy compared to my usually tempo!

Saturday is my longest training run to date, 34K/21M. Usual routine planned – up at 6 a.m., small breakfast, stretch and out the door. Based on my average long run pace I anticipate needing between 3:30:00 to 3:40:00. Two weeks ago I needed 3 hours 20 minutes for the approximately 32K/20M long run. I measure my routes with my bicycle, so I figure there is some degree of error – say plus or minus a half-kilometer.

For anyone that is curious: I always wear my 2-liter CamelBak filled with a somewhat diluted mixture of electrolyte drink. I also have 2-3 sports bars with me in case I need them. As my runs are rather long now I also carry my cell-phone, just in case I break down on the way. Most of the paths that I run are pretty well traveled, other runners, bikers, people out walking their dogs whatever. This gives my wife a sense of peace, at least somewhat – I used to look for trails where I never saw anyone, especially dog-walkers!!!

Other ponderings:

I gained infinite wisdom while on my little run last night and am delighted to pass this little tip on to you who run in the country: Under no circumstances run along a field where a farmer is spreading fresh liquidized pig manure on his field. Failure to heed this advice may result in shortness of breath, watery eyes, a burning sensation in the nose and accelerated heart rate (due to trying to run away from the source of irritation). Prolonged contact may result in blurriness (from the tears), possible unconsciousness (okay maybe not), and a general decline in sexual attractiveness until you burn your clothes ;-)

On the other side maybe we can bottle it and use it as an anti-dog spray. What do you think Jon?

Now that's a good thought. On second thought, dogs might like it!
I agree about the dogs on my runs. Oh yeah, the owner says, he's friendly. But that doesn't help when I have to stop cause the dang thing tries jumping all over me. Or the so-called friendly ones that snap and the owner says "but he's never done that before". Yeah right!!!
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