Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just Plain Motivated, That's All!

After a day practicing couch potato on Sunday I was revved up and ready to run as I came home from work. So with storm clouds looming all around, temperatures peaking at 26C/79F, and humidity practically visible I saddled up and hit the road.

I had no particular goal in mind as I left the house, I just let my legs carry me over the 16K/10M route. And carry me they did, at an average pace of 5:15/K (8:27/M). I wish I would have been running a half-marathon, I would have set a new PR for sure! I felt good the whole run, strong, confident, totally in the groove!

Well almost, I passed one of the inconsiderate dog owners that think they can walk wherever they please without their dog on a leash. The dude actually had two dogs, one large man-eating looking killer with a muzzle on his mouth, which he did have on a leash. Then a smaller version of the same that was running several meters ahead of him sniffing the trees. That is until I ran by, next thing I know the little dog is snapping at my heels, he actually left scratches in my running shoes. The stupid dog owner was blowing some whistle which seemed to have no effect on the little snapper. I felt like turning around and shoving the whistle…I hate dog owners who have no respect for other people.

I swear I am going to order one of those devices that Jon has been talking about. With optional stun gun and electro-shocker for the owners (no not really – too bad).

Anyway I had a truly awesome run and am looking forward to the rest of the runs this week!

Other Ponderings:

I have been reading the blog of a truly awesome runner the last couple months. Alison really is a super athlete, totally dedicated to the sport, I highly recommend checking out her blog if you need some inspiration for reaching “the next level”.

Likewise, I was taken a look at another elite runner who is tackling 4 marathons this year. TJ is another one of those elite runner’s that I can only watch from behind as he pull's off into the horizon. But I find his experience to be an incredible source of information for my own running efforts. Hey and he’s from Rochester, just down the road from where I grew up!

rochester? nice. I spent time up there whilst in college in Alfred.

Good luck with the high miles this week!
Why is it people just don't get it about the dogs????
I think we all need a "Jon device"
Jack, you just keep getting better and better. I can't wait to see what happens during the race:)
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