Monday, August 08, 2005

I had a nice pleasant day of recovery yesterday (read lazy). Despite taking two rest days last week I still ran a total of 71K/44M! Here is the breakdown:

Monday: 16K/10M run
Tuesday: Weight training (WT) plus 8K/5M run
Wednesday: 16K/10M run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 6K/3.7M run
Saturday: 25K/15.5M race
Sunday: Rest

Here is my schedule for the next 6 weeks until the Baden Marathon (Sept. 18th):

Week 6 (this week): 75K/47M
Week 5: 63K/39M
Week 4: 77K/48M
Week 3: 63K/39M
Week 2: 47K/29M
Week 1: 18K/11.2M plus marathon

Week 6 I plan on trying a 34K/21M long run (this Saturday). If that goes well I will try a 36K/22M long run during Week 4 (otherwise another 32K/20M).

I may run a 10K or half-marathon at the end of Week 3.

For the record my wife thinks I’m insane.

Other Notes:

I have been dropping some weight training days the last week or two when I have felt the need. I am really trying to pay attention to my recovery days (e.g. actually taking some).

I am already getting pre-marathon anxiety about injuries, colds, getting bit by a dog, hit by a truck and other assorted paranoia.

My wife is starting her new job next week so has something other than my running to think about. I have a little breathing room for a few weeks. She has already started her list of things I need to do for her after my marathon (read don’t make any plans).

I will probably have to cross out a couple planned 10K runs for the rest of the year.

I found a great (read terribly challenging) mountain race for October. The Brandenkof Mountain Run. It’s only 10K, but with an elevation gain of 700 meters (2300 feet). Last year's winner needed 43:25.

Now this is insanity:

Can't be too hard??

Glad to hear your wife is resuming work, I'm sure she's very relieved. And running up a mountain sounds like a great idea, until you actually have to run up a mountain :D
You are insane!!! lol.
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