Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good Solid Run Last Night Despite Humidity Factor

Last night my goal was a 16K/10M run at better than marathon pace (mp= 6:00/K, 9:39/M). It was still a relatively mild 26C/79F as I headed out the door at 5 p.m. The sun was shining but the dark rain clouds were rapidly making their way up from the south. This resulted in energy-sucking humidity.

I started out with a 5:30/K (8:51/M) pace which I held almost religiously until about the 14K/8.7M point where the humidity finally started making headway. I slowed down to marathon pace and finished off the last couple kilometers. I took an extra loop over to the other side of the field that I run along to check out the Boy/Girl scout (Pathfinder?) jamboree that is taking place in our town in the moment. In any case I finished the approximately 17K/10.5M in 1:33:26, well within my goal.

My legs are a little sore this morning, I have been racking up a lot of faster-pace mileage lately. I may do some cross-training or take an extra rest day this evening rather than do my weight training and jog. I want to have my legs in good shape for the long run on Saturday.

Marathon Ponderings:

September 18th is the big day, the Baden Marathon, starting in the neighboring city of Karlsruhe. I feel good, I feel in better shape than my first marathon in May, but I also have a lot more respect for the distance. If I have learned nothing else, I have learned that anything can happen, so I am going to be quite conservative when I head out on the 18th. My goal is to finish in 4½ hours, but if I am feeling good that day than get out of my way Karlsruhe!

Saturday will be a very good test! My stomach is already tied in knots about it.

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