Friday, August 26, 2005

Going Long this Weekend!

Last night I did my weight training but decided to save my legs and drop the 3K/2M jog. Instead I worked on my wife’s growing list of things for me to do, mostly running errands. In the meantime my wife made a super casserole out of potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and a little parmesan cheese. Chased with a green salad and some fresh French bread from the bakery and we had some good eats!

Later my wife had to spend some time on the PC doing some work for our garden club (she is secretary for the club) so I decided to load my MP3 player with some motivational music in case I get in trouble on my long run. I had a friend give me a DVD with about a zillion MP3 files that he has accumulated. So I fired up my PC and started flipping through the songs, loading them in my MusicMatch Jukebox, playing the first few seconds, flipping to the next, occasionally loading one onto the MP3 player. After about an hour my wife finally retaliates and kicks me out of the office. Anyway I got a bunch of upbeat music together so on Saturday morning if I start freaking out on the long run all I have to do is flip on my MP3 player and melt the brain cells down!

I think I am going to be lucky with the weather this weekend, tomorrow is supposed to be 24C/75F. Next week it will be warming up again to about 32C/90F, but by that time I'll be tapering:-)

Dianna and I are going to be kicking butt and taking names on our respective 20-miler (or more) long runs this weekend, anyone else going long this weekend?

Only if you consider 7 long. And I do!! Have a great one Jack.
Not even sure what long is any more. Just gonna run as long as it feels good!
I say HELL YEAH to the butt-kicking and name-taking.

Take THAT Mr. 20-Miler. We're bringing it!
I'll be cheering both of you on this weekend! Good luck and crank that music if you need it :-)
No doubt you will! Have a great run!
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