Monday, August 15, 2005

Bellhiem 25K Race Mugshot

I discovered the following picture on a webpage on the Internet yesterday. Jack crossing the finish line at the 25K Bellheim run on August 6. As our friend Eva said "I look concentrated!" Is that a compliment?

My legs are feeling pretty good this morning, a little tired, but I think good enough to resume training this evening. I will make the final call when I get home tonight.

This week I have two 16K/10M runs on the schedule and a 24K/15M medium run (on asphalt trail) for Saturday. Temperatures are supposed to start rising again, eventually reaching 30C/86F by Thursday. Hopefully not any more than that, I have been enjoying the cool running conditions.

So how are you surviving the summer heat (or cold)?

Nice picture - you look strong and focused!
My friend Eva watched me run by at the 25K race. She said she almost missed me in the crowd because I was so concentrated that I was almost transparent, she hardly noticed me. I guess I'm just a boring runner :)
Love the picture and great job on so many miles this year. Maybe you should get the wife roses for letting you run so much. ;-)
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