Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Beautiful Running Weather Continues

After my very successful long run on Saturday I took Sunday off from training. The result was a speedy recovery, I felt really good when I ran my 16K/10M route last night. It was a bit cooler than it has been, 27C/80F, sunny, warm but not hot, a gentle breeze…at 4 p.m. I suited up, warmed up, and was out the door. As I started out I did a quick diagnosis on my legs, they felt good so I settled on a fairly quick tempo. I finished the first 4K with an average pace of 5:03/K (8:07/M), I felt good, I felt strong, I flew. I gradually slowed down to about 5:30/K (8:50/M) and just tried to enjoy the run. I kept a pretty steady pace until the last 2K where I decided to slow down to give the legs a break. I still averaged 5:25/K (8:43/M) for the 16K/10M run - bring on the 25K run on Saturday!!

This morning my legs are a little tight, but considering the pace last night, are in good shape. I think a couple factors have aided my training the last several days.

- I took 2 days off before my long run on Saturday, and 1 day after the long run.
- Since Friday I have been sleeping deeper and longer due the cooler weather we’ve been having.
- I’ve been eating like a pig all weekend, e.g. I have more calories to burn.

So how was your weekend?

A couple Stats:

Mileage this year:

January: 105K (65M)
February: 200K (125M)
March: 245K (152M)
April: 275K (170M)
May: 148K (91M)
June: 229K (142M)
July 267K (165M)

Total: 1486K (923M)

My goal for this year was 2000K (1243M), I don’t think I will have too much trouble reaching this goal:-)

On the other side my goal last week was 71K (44M), I only ran 67K (42M), I have to be careful that I don’t skip too many weight training days, the extra workouts were starting to pay off.

p.s. I had a wonderful birthday on Saturday, thanks for the many greetings:--))

OMG, that mileage is insane! You can really see that May was your taper... Someday, I want to say I "only" ran 42 miles last week.
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