Friday, August 19, 2005

As if my ego wasn’t already inflated...

I bumped into my wife’s niece Sinja in the supermarket last night (they had sport socks on sale – what else!). Now my wife has had a lot of problems with her family during her lifetime so we haven't had contact with them in several years – long story.

Now Sinja has always been my favorite niece, even more so than my own side of the family, we always had a special chemistry between us. But anyway it has been several years since I saw Sinja and I was surprised when this real sweet looking chick about 22 years walks up to me and gives me a big old hug and kiss on the cheek. The last time that we saw each other we were both carrying around spare tires, in my case a tractor tire :-) My goodness, the chubby little teenager that I remembered had slimmed way down and was now an extremely attractive young woman.

Sinja remarked that she hardly recognized me anymore :-)

“How did you lose so much weight?”

“Oh, I run a little!”

“Really, me too!”

We talked for awhile, totally blocking the isles in the supermarket, until we both remembered that we had people waiting in our car’s outside (her mother and my wife). So I get another kiss and a hug and as Sinja trots up to the cashier she yell’s back

“You’re looking geil!”

Now “geil” is a German word that translates into several English words including: Cool, horny, lewd, lustful, prurient, randy, ruttish, salacious, voluptuous, and wicked. But younger people use it as a slang for cool or “kick ass”! This is the highest compliment bestowed coming from her generation. Wow!

Of course going back to the car I’m all big smiles, thinking about how geil I was and say to my long-waiting wife “I had this good-looking blond babe tell me I am looking geil!” She just rolled her eyes and complained that I took so long, it was hot, yeah she saw Sinja go in the supermarket…blah, blah. Just call me Rodney D. :-)

That's so "geil". Hehe...

It has to be an amazing feeling to have that kind of compliment. It just shows how all of your hard work is really paying off. :-D
We all need those pats on the back, don't we? Good for you Jack! And congrats on the weight loss. You've been working hard.
We knew it all along! ;)
Ya just gotta love moments like that.
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