Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Survey Says...

How about a little running survey? – This originated from Brent, but Dawn tagged me:

1. What is your favorite long run pace?
6:00/Kilometer (9:39/Mile). At least this is what I strive for. Slower would be better, but I always seem to speedup. This pace is a happy medium.

2. What is your favorite (or typical) pre-run meal?
A bowl of muesli cereal, a glass of tomato juice and a cup of coffee. This approximately ½ to 1 hour before I run a long run. For a race I eat about two hours beforehand.

3. What was the distance of your first ever, official race? (This isn't a contest, I'm just curious).

4. Do you typically run in groups or run alone?
Run alone.

5. Name one or two NEW running experiences (occurring within the past year), that you have grown the most from.
a) The Hornisgrinde Half-Marathon last July (2004)
b) The Mannheim Marathon in May of this year.

These were the first HM and M - you just don't forget things like that! These changed my life!!

6. What is your least favorite structure to run on/over?
Asphalt or concrete streets!

Your turn (don’t let Brent down, this is the first time he’s ever started a survey!):


wow, that was a quick response. Thanks Jack.
Its surprising how many people have coffee as part of their pre-run meal. I don't drink it, but I thought it would upset your stomach. Hmmm.
Cool - you run the same pace as me ;)
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