Thursday, July 14, 2005

Signing Off

Another hot day, the radio said something about 33C/92F outside. Blah!

On the positive side I have vacation tomorrow (Friday) and Monday. Tomorrow we are leaving early and driving to Buehlertal which is about 10 minutes away from the Start of my half-marathon on Saturday (in Buehlertal-Hundseck). We will be staying until Sunday at a vacation apartment at some kind of farm, details to be learned upon arrival. I assume the owners are farmers who rent some of their rooms out to tourists. They have a webpage ad which showed a picture of the house and mentioned a couple tidbits like they make (and sell) their own butter and Schnapps. I borrowed a picture of their house:

I bought a spare set of batteries for our digital camera and have everything charged up, so I hope I can get some good pictures.

They also mentioned in their ad that they are a 10 minute drive from several popular ski slopes – did I mention that I will be running up the side of one of these! In any case we are counting on a couple relaxing days in a really beautiful area on the edge of the Black Forest. No computers, no telephone, no diet, hopefully a couple good restaurants in the area.

In any case I will try to get at least my race report together on Sunday. As I will be on "vacation" I have no plans for my race other than crossing the finish line. I may even leave my watch at home and just let my legs decide how fast they want to go! Have a nice weekend!!

Good luck! Run smooth and strong!
You too! Gorgeous house!
Have a great time, Jack! Looks like a neat place to stay at :-)
Wow that's a beautiful place. Best of luck on the half and have a fun weekend all 'round!!
It's so cute! Who couldn't have fun there? And, running up a ski slope? Jack, that's what lifts are for. :) Good luck on Sunday and have fun.
I love your comment: leave my watch at home and let my legs decide how fast to go! Have fun:)
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