Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Running Good, Dieting Good!

As I mentioned yesterday I will be running a half-marathon over hill and dale in the Black Forest on Saturday. In order to keep my mileage up in preparation for my second marathon in September, while at the same time provide for a couple taper days and rest days for this weekend I am cramming a lot of running in over a short time. Saturday was a 10K race, Sunday a 14K/8.7M run, last night the same, tonight my weight training with a jog, Wednesday a 14K/8.7M hill run and Thursday weight training with a jog.

So how am I holding up without a rest after my race and an accelerated running schedule? Actually pretty well. My legs are feeling it to be sure, but other than general soreness and some stiffness I can’t complain. No new aches or pains. Another plus is that I have brought my weight back down to 74kg/163lbs without any serious dieting. Now if only I can hold it there or lose a little more!

Anyway, as I stepped of the train last night the clouds opened up and drenched me by the time I walked home (6 minutes). I was greeted with a “You’re not running in this weather are you?” from my wife as I walked in the door (looking like a wet cat). Being a disciplined runner I didn’t let this throw me and preceded to suit up and warm up.

As I stepped out the door the rain stopped (a sign?), but gosh was it humid out! I made the mistake of wearing a running jacket, anticipating more rain. After a few more minutes the sun came out in full force and turned the trail into a sauna, with steam rising even as the raindrops continued to fall from the trees. I was drenched from inside out by the time I finished my 14K/8.7M run.

When I first started running I was really stiff from the lack of recovery time over the last couple days, but after 20-30 minutes the oil started working and I loosened up pretty well. The temperature shot up from 23C/73F to 27C/80F in the relatively short time that I was out running. The rapid weather change and super high humidity about wiped me out, I was glad when I finally reached the house. I averaged 5:42/K (9:10/M), a bit faster than I had planned on.

This morning my legs are a bit tired, but I actually feel better than yesterday morning. Tonight is weight training night, probably followed by a 3K jog around the block. Tomorrow night I want to run my hill trail (14K/8.7M) one more time before my race on Saturday.

You're pushing hard, but your body isn't complaining...that's a good feeling :-) Best of luck on Saturday!
I predict yet another PR for you on Saturday!
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