Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rainy Day Run

It is a really busy week at work, with the Tour de France coming, Friday is basically a lost day so I am trying to cram 5 days work into 4. Yesterday was my wife’s last day of work, she is now officially unemployed. She has been promised a job beginning August 15 with the local Social Services office, but hasn’t seen a contract yet (very important in Germany). Wifey is really down in the moment, poor girl!

Anyway by the time I got home last night we were both totally stressed out. We handled it each in our own little way, my wife curled up on the couch and put out her “do not bug me” sign. I suited up, stretched and headed out to therapy road. As I headed out of town the sun peeked out from behind the dark rain clouds, turning the wet landscape into a sauna (24C/75F outside). I was sweating profusely before I finished the first kilometer, but it didn't bug me. I could almost feel the stress leaving me as I pounded the ground into submission. I was moving right along finishing the first 2K/1.2M in 11:01, a pace of 5:30/K (8:51/M).

The sun ducked behind the clouds as I approached the wood line (3K) and it was just a matter of seconds before I felt the first raindrop. By about kilometer 4 it started pouring buckets, so I picked up the pace. The trail along and through the woods was really wet and slippery, with massive mud puddles to dodge, and fallen tree branches (we had a good storm the night before). I loved it! Somewhere along the way I forgot all about my hard day, my wife’s troubles and just enjoyed the pouring rain, the puddle dodging and the fast tempo!

I finished my 14K training run in an unprecedented 1:13:16, an average pace of 5:14/K (8:25/M). This is almost my 10K RACE pace!

What is for me even more amazing is that I felt good afterwards! Today I still feel good, no cramps, no pain, my legs don’t even feel tired.

I am looking forward to my 10K race on Saturday, I may not set a new PR, but if I still feel as good as right now I’m sure going to have a good time trying :-)

Jack, that sounds like a great, cleansing run. You'll rock your 10K on Saturday!
I love when a rainy run washes away all the stress of the day. Good stuff, that.

And good luck on the 10K!!
Damn, you're fast! Wow! I can't wait to see how your 10K goes! And wuhoo, Tour de France -- is it cool, or annoying? My regards to your wife, and I hope the social services contract comes through soon. At least you guys have a decent social safetynet there (I know, it doesn't help emotionally, but still). vj
I loved reading about your run! It sounded so luscious. I dare you not to PR on Saturday!
- Mia
I'll be thinking about you on your 10K, Jack. And good thoughts to your wife, too.
Hope you had a great race. I am trying to relax before mine.
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